Stripemaster II

The StripeMaster II is designed for quick and easy retroreflectivity measurements of pavement markings with the touch of a button. This lightweight instrument comes with wheels to make the measurement process a breeze. Measurements can be made in 0.2 seconds and the instrument is ready for the next measurement in less than 2 seconds. This means the user spends less time on the road, which increases worker safety.


  • ASTM E1710 and EN 1436 compliant
  • Measures retroreflectivity of white and yellow pavement markings
  • Measures profiled and flat markings
  • Measures on dry, wet or continuous rain surfaces without additional attachments
  • Light weight for easy handling
  • Convenient trigger height for single hand operation and minimizes operator fatigue
  • Top-mounted LCD permits direct viewing of readings
  • Removable battery pack and 1-hour charger
  • Stores up to 10,000 data points
  • Internal printer on StripeMaster II
  • Internal GPS on StripeMaster II
  • Microprocessor- controlled calibration and auto-zero
  • Measurements and calibrations are not affected by ambient conditions
  • No light trap needed for calibration
  • Calibration standard traceable to the USA national standards lab
  • Quick turn-on and rapid repeat readings
  • Removable wheels for extended measurements
  • Stabilizer supplied for rough surface situations
  • Foam-lined watertight carrying case
  • Computer interface with user-friendly GIS Mapping software

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