Retroreflectivity Measurement

Provincial Legislation now requires municipalities to check retroreflecivity values of their regulatory and warning signs on an annual basis. Advantage can help your municipality meet the minimum standards.

O. Reg 239/02 Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways

Since the Ontario Government passed O. Reg 239/02, Municipailites in Ontario are now required to check the retroreflectivity values of all regulatory and warning signs on an annual basis.

O. Reg 239/03 reads as follows:

12.  (1)  The minimum standard for the frequency of inspecting regulatory signs or warning signs to check to see that they meet the retro-reflectivity requirements of the Ontario Traffic Manual is once per year. O. Reg. 23/10, s. 8.

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The Advantage Approach to Collecting Retroreflectivity Data

Advantage Specialties can provide retroreflectivity measurement services to your municipality and help you comply with the new minimum standards. As the Canadian distributor of the RoadVista 922 retroreflectometer, we ensure that we measure retroreflectivity from both 0.2 and 0.5 degrees at an entrance angle of -4. The RoadVista 922 is designed for use in the field and is used to measure the retroreflection (Ra) of road signs and other material and meets ASTM, CIE and DIN specifications.

We have extensive experience in collecting retroreflectivity data in the field for municipalities in Ontario and do so in compliance with ASTM E1709 and ASTM E2540.

In addition to collecting retrorefelctivity data, we also conduct sign inspections and can help your municipality develop and implement a comprehensive sign management program with asset tags (using barcodes or RFID) and GPS coordinates that provide submeter accuracy. For more information on our sign inspections, CLICK HERE.

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