Sign Inspection and Management

Sign Inspections

Depending on your needs, Advantage can inspect and provide you with data on the following for each sign in your municipality:

  • Retroreflectivity Value
  • Retroreflectivity condition (pass, fail)
  • Location (GPS coordinate with submeter accuracy)
  • Photo of sign
  • Asset number (using barcode or RFID)
  • Direction facing (N, NW,W, SW, S, SE, E, NE)
  • Sign type (by MTO sign code)Sign blank type (i.e. aluminum, wood, etc.)
  • Sign blank condition (pass, fail)
  • Sheeting type (i.e. engineered grade, high intensity, etc)
  • Sheeting condition (pass, fail)
  • Sign mounting height (from traffic lane to bottom of sign)
  • Distance from edge of pavement
  • Post type (i.e. 4” wood, 6” wood, U channel, round metal, etc.)
  • Post condition (pass, fail)Mounting hardware condition (pass, fail)
  • Sight-line distance (pass, fair, fail)

Sign Management

In addition to inventorying signs, Advantage can help municipalities to create and maintain a comprehensive sign management program. Advantage can provide you with the right tools, software, data and techniques to ensure that you always know the condition of your signs so that you can adequately plan to renew signs on an as-needed basis, leading to significant savings realized annually, not to mention the ongoing reduction of risk and liability.

Advantage Specialties can make it easy for you to keep your database of signs up to date with the information that you need. The picture above is an example of what your municipality can do with the data we collect to better manage your signage.